Shingo Takeuchi


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Takeuchi Shingo (b.1955) hails from Seto city, one of the oldest ceramic production centers in Japan.

He studied at the Aichi Prefectural Ceramics Research Facility until 1979, then under the great Kato Shuntei II before establishing his own kiln in 1982. Exhibited at the Asahi Togeiten Ceramics Exhibition, Chunichi Kokusai International Ceramics Exhibition, Nihon Togeiten Ceramics Exhibition, and in innumerable galleries both at home and abroad.

He is held in many private and public collections including the Seto Musuem, The Korean International Ceramics Foundation, Yingge Ceramics Museum Taiwan and others.


Yugen Contemporary Japanese Ceramics

幽玄 YUGEN Contemporary Japanese Ceramics

From 14 January 2016 to 19 March 2016