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Immagine Corso Di  Decorazione

Course of Decoration

The Course of Decoration enables participants to learn the principal decorative techniques applied to the surfaces of ceramic objects.


During the course, various techniques of decoration will be used, including sgraffito (scratching) and paper resist, with coloured slips and pigments. 

The various methods of working on the surface, using different patterns and textures, will also be demonstrated.

Price for 5 lessons: 250 euro

+ membership card 5 € (valid for 12 months)
The card will be given at the beginning of the course

start of course: Thursday 2nd May
end of course: Thursday 30th May
from 7pm to 9pm

For further information: tel. 02 36 68 56 96

Before enrolling, please contact us by phone or email to check availability.

Download here the subscription form