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Immagine Corso Di  Decorazione

Course of Decoration

The Course of Decoration enables participants to learn the principal decorative techniques applied to the surfaces of ceramic objects.


During the course, various techniques of decoration will be used, including sgraffito (scratching) and paper resist, with coloured slips and pigments. 

The various methods of working on the surface, using different patterns and textures, will also be demonstrated.

At the end of the course, participants will receive a certificate of participation, and they will be given the works that they have created during the lessons.

Price for 5 lessons: 250 euro

Lessons on Wednesday:
Course begins: Wednesday 3 May
Course ends: Wednesday 31 May
from 11am to 1pm

For further information: tel. 02 36 68 56 96

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Officine Saffi Lab Corso Base Oggetti 3


The foundation course is designed to provide the fundamental concepts and practical skills necessary for working with clay, from the design of an object to its creation using the principal techniques of manual construction.


During each course, students will make simple forms, practical and decorative objects of many different types. Practical sessions will be accompanied by the observation of historic and modern works in ceramics, from the areas of artistic production and design.

The courses are designed for small groups, so that each student can receive close attention. Students will be encouraged to perform exercises that provide an introduction to the dynamics of forms, and simple projects preceding actual construction: they will be the starting point for the definition of the next cycle of objects made in the advanced course.

In the final stages of the course, students will be provided with basic knowledge of the properties and preparation of clay, the use of ceramic coatings, and techniques of firing in electric kilns. Objects will be decorated with slip and glazes.

At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate, and they will be given the objects that they have made.

Cost for 5 lessons: 250 euro

Lessons on Tuesday:
start of course: Tuesday 16 May
end of course: Tuesday 13 June
from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm

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Officine Saffi Riccardo Biavati

Vessels of stories

Workshop with Riccardo Biavati


The workshop is focused on different kind of decorations, using slips, oxides and ash glazes, typical materials representative of the artist’s work. The students will concentrate on the element of the bowl, as a container of images, shapes and possible stories.

During the workshop the students will start to work first on bisque surfaces, applying ash glazes, slips and wax crayons for ceramics. After this initial step, the students will work with different kind of clays to create shapes, coil technique, decorations with brushes and engraving on plaster moulds.

Dates and hours:

10 June 2017 - from 11am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm

11 June 2017 - from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5pm

Price: 290 euro (VAT, materials, firing included)

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Deadline submission: 12 May 2017

For further informations: - tel +39

Riccardo Biavati
He is the Artistic Director of the Bottega delle stelle for which he created unique works in stoneware clay, modeled and hand painted with enamels specifically designed.
His ceramics are a "tribute to the ancient artifacts, their history... are secret words and glances secrets, flights affectionate and wild nests, village heads, suns and clouds of roofs earthy, enchanted women, the wonders pots, imagined countries. And again queens who rule burrows and roots, guardians of the night skies, animals watching us silently, stoves that heat as memories, bowls like courtyards. Walk your streets, up the steps and enters their small doors."

Officine Saffy Lab Corso Di Tornio


Officine Saffi offers pot throwing courses.


The course enable participants to learn how to use a potter's wheel, benefiting from the teacher's forty years of experience and the possibility of personal supervision.

Duration: all year round.

Cost of lessons for two people:
8 lessons, each 90 minutes, 400 euro
12 lessons, each 90 minutes, 600 euro + 1 free lesson

1 lesson 50 euro
(prices per person)

Cost of individual lessons:
8 lessons, each 90 minutes, 520 euro
12 lessons, each 90 minutes, 780 euro + 1 free lesson

1 lesson 65 euro

For information:

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